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Principală » 2012 » Martie » 4 » Josef ( Film Recomandat )
6:45 PM
Josef ( Film Recomandat )

Descriere Film Josef 2011 :
In 1915, during the World War I in Galicia, Croatian soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army were sent on Eastern Front to fight against Russian Army and Cherkess bandits. After the battle, a survieved Austrian-Hungarian soldier, a Croat, takes uniform and indetification plate with insignia of dead NCO.[1] The problem occurs when Austrian-Hungarian officer finds out that his documents are false. Identification plates transfer from other to another soldier, and at the end of the film it turns out that the original Josef was Josip Broz (already dead at the beginning of the film), and that the final impostor would one day become Tito, the President of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Vizualizări: 322 | Adăugat de: Bogdan | Tag-uri: comunism, al doilea razboi mondial, romania, nazism, rusia, josef, WW2 | Rating: 0.0/0
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